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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Why My Husband Deserves a Blog Post Dedicated Just to Him

Posted by Jeri on November 11, 2010

I actually wrote this blog post last night.  Then today we learned that a high school/college friend of Craig’s died. He left a wife, 2 very young children, and a baby on the way.  After hearing of this, I felt even more compelled to get this posted.


In retrospect, I write a lot about my cute kids.  It’s hard not to because they are such a huge part of my life.  But my husband has been part of my life for longer, and I appreciate him so much.

I am so incredibly thankful for the man that God gave me to marry.   I often don’t feel deserving because he’s such a wonderful man. 

10 Reasons Why I Am So Blessed to Have Married Craig Ford

1,  He is humble.  He doesn’t really know just how amazing he is – or at least he sure doesn’t act like it.  (I asked his permission to post this and was able to persuade him.)

2.  He is a critical thinker.  He doesn’t ever assume what everyone else is thinking or saying is right.  He reads and studies, then wrestles with his own Biblical conclusion.

3.  He eats what I cook for him (without complaining), even if it is a new recipe that shouldn’t ever, EVER be repeated again.

4.  He is a good time manager.  It’s amazing how much he can get done in a single day – and still act Christlike at the end of it.  Somehow he sleeps, writes, eats breakfast with his family, ministers to others, eats lunch with his family, helps more people, prepares lessons, researches and reads all kinds of things, plays with his kids, takes family walks, eats supper with his family, helps wash dishes, helps bathe his kids, and spends time with his wife.  To me, that’s amazing.  And I’m grateful.

5.  He is funny.  It’s nice to have someone close to me who can make me laugh every day. 

6.  He is an amazing teacher.  I learn all kinds of things from him. I eavesdrop as much as possible when he’s doing Bible studies at our house so I can hear the lessons, too!

7.  He likes to travel and so do I.  It’s just fun to have a travel companion.

8.  He takes walks with me.  We’ve always loved to walk and talk together.  We can prove it: there is a footpath worn in our yard where we walk around in circles together at night after the kids are in bed.  No joke!  We just noticed it a couple of days ago.

9.  He is an incredible Daddy.  I hope our little ones realize just how special of a person he is to them.  He trains them, plays with them, and teaches them.  He brings them so much joy.


10.  He loves me for who I am and is my best friend.  Though he’s not perfect, I feel like Craig tries to love me like Christ loved the church.  If I had to be stranded on a deserted island with one person, I would definitely pick Craig Ford.



One Response to “Why My Husband Deserves a Blog Post Dedicated Just to Him”
  1. Scott F says:

    What a great tribute to an even greater man! You are both very blessed to have each other. And your kids are doubly blessed!

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