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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Our Future Plans: Moving 2012

Posted by Craig on January 3, 2011

The following is a section out of our July/August Newsletter.  Since not everyone is aware of the news I decided to include it on our blog.

Sunday, August 8, 2010, we told the congregation here in Alotau that we intend to move back to North America within the next two years. Even though we had already been contemplating a move, the timing of our departure is based primarily on my status as a US Permanent Resident. On October 31st, 2012, my permanent residency in the US is set to expire. In order for it to be renewed, I need to be living in the States. Our long term plan involves getting my US citizenship, so I plan to keep my residency valid.
With the approval and support of our overseeing congregation (Church of Christ in Champions), our plan is to move from PNG sometime in the summer of 2012. This will allow us to be settled in time for Caleb and Hannah to attend school in the States that fall.
Sometime around June, July, and August 2011, we will be taking a furlough and hope to visit with as many of you as possible.
When we relocate, I plan to take some time to focus on a blogging and writing career. As many of you know, I’ve been doing some writing projects, and I would like to let that dream take me as far as it will go. We will likely relocate to Cheyenne, Wyoming while completing my citizenship requirements. Beyond that, we have done little future planning.
We know our work here is dependent on your support. We are thankful for your involvement, and we look forward to our partnership over the next couple of years. Once we set an exact departure date, we will contact you with information regarding our needs and schedule.
There are many factors to consider. As a result, our plans have changed frequently, so nothing is set in stone. But we want to communicate openly with you, our supporters. We will keep you updated on our plans. Thank you for being one of our partners in ministry.

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