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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Biwa, Banana

Posted by Craig on November 3, 2006

Greetings and salutations,


(Not to be confused with the famous Don Richardson story – the Pineapple Story)

A riddle: What is green and weighs about 70 pounds and is able to kill a banana tree?

Answer: The bunch of bananas that someone gave us to eat.

Explanation: To get the bananas off the tree you cut the tree down. Thus, each tree only produces one bunch in its lifetime.

The banana story is an interesting insight into the culture here. When I was building my fence we hired some local guys to help do the work. All are contacts through the church. At the end of the first day of work when I paid the workers one man insisted that it was not right for me to pay him. I explained that had I paid the company to do it the cost would have been much more and I just wanted to share the savings with the folks who were working with me. Anyways, he reluctantly agreed to take his pay. Since that point, however, he has felt indebted to me. Recently when a bunch of bananas was ready, he gave them to me. Any suggestions on what a family of 3 ought to do with 300 bananas. I mean, Hannah loves bananas, but that is ridiculous. We had around a week to consume the bananas. That would leave us each with about 15 bananas a day. Too bad Bubba [the shrimp guy from Forest Gump] had not been a banana farmer and offered all the things one can do with bananas. Our list was small – banana bread, banana cereal, strait-up-eating bananas. Even at that after about two days we were sick of bananas. So we gave them away. Really the only reasonable thing to do.


A picture is worth a thousand words. This means that batteries are worth several thousand words. However, since our batteries died and we did not take extras we were not able to take many pictures so you will have to believe us when we tell you this place was beautiful. It was amazing to look at above water, but the snorkeling was unbelievable.

While snorkeling we saw some of the most amazing fish – purple, blue, red, yellow, orange … We saw blue starfish. Jeri even held a starfish after much coaxing. Hannah, on the other hand, was a trooper and picked up the starfish and played with it like it was just any toy. We don’t think she had any idea it was a living creature. How many of you can say you have touched a starfish, let alone taken a bite out of one? My 16 month old daughter has!

We found out the area has a guest house (no running water or electricity). The place only costs the equivalent of $3. So next time you are looking for a tropical get away on a secluded beach with snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef for only $3 per night – you know where to come.


3 Responses to “Biwa, Banana”
  1. What a cutie! (Hannah I mean – not you). Boy am I glad we can buy bananas in bunchesof 6 or 7- even then we end up freezing some for banana bread.
    Of course now I know that you have to kill the tree maybe I won’t want to eat them anymore.

    So let’s see weekend get away $3/night, travel $3000, look on Linda’s face when I suggest it – priceless.

    Glad things are going well -

    God Bless
    Uncle Charlie

  2. Grandma Ruby says:

    Hannah – When your cousin in Colardo arrives, he/she may get buried in snow in October (just looked at Jason and Teri’s pictures). I think the ocean and blue starfish win my vote for how to spend a bit of time in October!!!

    Craig- You were raised with bunches on bananas hanging on a rope from the ceiling. We bought, were given, and gave away a lot of bananas. Trevor didn’t do his share either!!

    Hope my silly comments, give a smile.

    Grandma Ruby, about to be grandma of #3.

  3. Tim and Rachel Goracke says:

    Hi Craig and Geri,
    It’s so great to get your newsletters….we print them out and put them on the bulletin board at church so we can all keep up with you. I honestly think you missed your calling as a comedian….we always are in stitches when we read about your adventures. I’m thankful to hear that your house is in the works and that your ministry is going so well. We love to read about all you are doing and seeing the pictures of precious Hannah. You never know….we won’t rule out taking a vacation to PNG sometime in the future. ha. Take care and God Bless.
    Tim and Rachel Goracke

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