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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

2009 Recap

Posted by Craig on January 3, 2010

All in all, it has been a magnificent year.  Thankfully, I can say that about many years of my life.  Reflecting on days, months, and years allows us to see God’s work and the many blessings we have. 

Here are some of our favorite memories from 2009:

-January: We attended (Craig officiated) the Ponifasio and Kirarata weddings – the first two Christian couples we’ve witnessed getting married since we moved here in 2006.

- February: Building a bunk bed was a great way for Craig and I to spend time together, and the kids love it!

- March: We found out that we were going to get internet at our house in a few months.  This was incredible news, considering we didn’t even have electricity or running water when we first moved into our new house in May of 2007.  (We have both now, of course!)

- April: We had our annual church Easter Camp, and then departed for furlough earlier than expected because of possible pregnancy complications.


- May: We had a wonderful time in Canada with Craig’s family – a holiday in Collingwood, trip to the Toronto Zoo,  and spent LOTS of time at Art and Ruby’s house just waiting and waiting for baby #3 to arrive.  Our family also took a vacation together to Quebec.  Caleb learned to say, “Bonjour”, Hannah and Caleb had their first sleepover together, and even got to touch real snow.


- June: Thankfully, there were never pregnancy complications as suspected, and we were given another little blessing – Elizabeth Ruby – on June 18th.  She stole our hearts from the beginning and is a beautiful addition to our family.  My mother and youngest sister got to come to Canada at her birth.  Craig also started his Christian personal finance blog (



- July: We traveled to the Wyoming/Colorado area to visit my family.  The weekend away to Denver with my family was a highlight – eating at Casa Bonita and going to the Denver Zoo.  We celebrated Hannah and Caleb’s birthday with family.  I got to meet one of my nieces, Lindsey, for the first time.


- August:  We spent the month in Houston, TX with our overseeing congregation, the Church of Christ in Champions.  We were welcomed, encouraged, and fed and fed and fed some more.  We love the church family there and are grateful for their support.

- September:  We spent a week in Wollongong, Australia with Jason and Nicole Whaley on our way back to PNG.  They endured our jetlagged bodies and were gracious hosts.  After being gone for a third of the year, we arrived back home.  There’s no place like home.  Craig’s Dad visited us for a few days this month.  Elizabeth giggled her first real giggle! 


- October:  We just continued to get resettled and adjusted to a new schedule.  Hannah started preschool once a week with her friend, Rochelle.

- November:  A campaign group from Texas came.  We enjoyed having them here for 10 days.  Caleb successfully potty trained!


- December: Our weekend getaway was a highlight.  Christmas was also a special time for our family.  Hannah and Caleb were excited to sleep in their annual Christmas fort on Christmas Eve. 



We look forward to another wonderful year ahead. 

Happy New Year to you!

What are some of your favorite memories from 2009?


2 Responses to “2009 Recap”
  1. This was such a sweet post, and your kids are absolutely precious. I love those pictures of little Elizabeth. Maybe she can be friends with our “highlight of the year” Maggie Kate (born July 20). Thanks for the update. Internet is certainly a blessing isn’t it.
    .-= Megan McKinzie´s last blog ..New RSS Feed =-.

  2. Craig says:

    Megan, thanks for your comment and for keeping up with us! Who knows… maybe our little girls will be roommates some day or even sit beside each other in grad school. Take care!

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